Pilates Bosu & Ball

Pilates Ball Intro: Taking Pilates one step further to increase and challenge core strength. An introduction to Pilates movements incorporating the body ball through a series of exercises that will still focus on correct postural alignment, breathing and core stability.

The Bosu or, “Half Ball” offers all of the challenges of the “stability ball” along with the added benefit of a cardio workout. This workout is appropriate for all levels and can be modified for those who do not wish to participate in high impact exercises. Bosu’s are provided. Runners or supportive footwear is recommended.

• Some balls are provided but is it recommended that you purchase one.

Pilates Ball 1: A progression from the intro level adding more exercises combined with other equipment to challenge the participant further at a faster pace. Mat work is used to create a flow of floor work and exercises on the body ball.

Pilates Ball 2: A fast paced class oriented at challenging the individual seeking athletic performance, endurance and a commitment to core work. This class is not recommended for participants with back or neck and shoulder issues. Due to the intensity of this class participation will be at the discretion of the instructor. Equipment and weights will be used to increase upper, lower and core body strength.