Pilates Mat, Jazz & Private Instruction

Pilates Mat level 1: An introductory level class for those who are new to Pilates and for those who would like a slower paced class. Participants will learn the principles of the exercises, the correct breath work and posture at a progressive pace. Smaller class sizes allow more focus on technique and modifications combined with “hands on” instruction to encourage proper body alignment.

Pilates Mat 2: This 60 minute class encompasses Pilates floor and mat exercises at a quicker pace paying close attention to strengthening the core while increasing flexibility. Equipment is added for challenge and diversity demonstrating the many facets of the Pilates form of movement. Pilates 1 is a prerequisite to the level 2 class.

Jazz/Pilates: This class is designed for those participants who wish to add the grace and movement of dance to their Pilates routine. A twenty minute warm-up of dance that combines cardio with standing core work progressing into floor exercises for strengthening and lengthening the body in true Pilates form.
Dance experience is not necessary.

Private Instruction: One on one instruction for personal training purposes to help you achieve your goals at your pace or to aid in rehabilitative issues.
(Those seeking rehab must have Physio or Doctors info and permission.)