At the urging of my cycling partner, I began taking Pilates in the fall of 2006. I began with one class per week to get familiar with the techniques, then added a second class.

I have noticed significant changes in my balance, strength and muscular fitness.

I am an avid cyclist, a moderate to good skier, and also play hockey weekly. Pilates with Ariyanna has markedly improved my fitness in these sports. I can unequivocally state that Pilates has not only helped me improve my abilities significantly, but has also helped me avoid injury in these sports (I am approaching the half century mark and am therefore susceptible to injury!). Most notedly when I skied recently, I had the best day in many years as I could maintain good skier positioning, was not fatigued, and felt that my balance and style were the best they have been in a long time.

Ariyanna is an excellent instructor, explains the exercises very well, and above all keeps us moving for a great work out!

Andrew K.


I have been attending Ariyanna’s classes for the past 15 years and enjoyed the variety of workouts and exercises.  I love how she plans outdoor fun walks and snow-showing events in the winter time.  Great way to meet people!  Highly Recommend!

Russell B.